Cloud and DevOps

A collection of AWS and DevOps posts.

Docker Port Mapping by example

What is the difference between Expose, PublishAll and Publish when talking about port mapping in docker? Also learn how to run docker container in detached m...

AWS EC2 service overview

AMI, instance types, instance purchase options, tenancy, user data, storage options and security of EC2 instances are covered in this post.

Docker on AWS EC2

Install Docker on AWS, find and use images from public docker registry and finally build your docker images using Dockerfiles.

AWS Key Management Service (KMS)

Many of the AWS services rely on KMS for their encryption needs. KMS allows encryption of data at rest. In this post, we will look at the components that mak...

AWS KMS Key Policies

Key policies are resource based policies which are tied to your CMK. And if you want a principal to be able to access your CMK, then a key policy must be in ...

AWS KMS Key Management

Rotation of CMKs, importing key material for CMKs and Deletion of CMKs are covered in this post.

VPC subnets

Everything about VPC subnets and how to design for high availability and resiliency.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk explained

We will explore how AWS Beanstalk can be used to help deploy and scale applications without having to worry about provisioning resources manually.

AWS Kinesis Overview

Get an overview of Amazon Kinesis to collect, process and analyze real-time streaming data.

Databases on AWS

AWS RDS and AWS non-relation databases are two main families of Databases offered by AWS. In this post I will introduce the various databases available on AW...

Create your first Amazon RDS Database

Create RDS subnet groups, RDS database clusters, manage access to RDS cluster using security groups and finally connect to your RDS cluster and create tables.

Introduction to AWS ECS

To understand EC2 Container Service AWS ECS, I will approach this from an Architectural Context, then I’ll cover the Computational Context, and then finally,...

Process S3 Events using AWS Lambda

Process AWS S3 events using AWS Lambda. A simple example of uploading an image to a bucket will create a zipped version of it in the same bucket with zip pre...