AWS DynamoDB Prep

DynamoDB Concepts

  • Tables
  • Items
  • Attributes


  • Tables
    • Indexes
    • Streams
  • Read Capacity Units
  • Write Capacity Units

  • Understand ProvisionedThroughput
  • Understand Partitions
  • Understand Global Tables
  • Local Secondary Indexes

DynamoDB questions

Parallel Scans and limiting rates

RCUs calculation


Restrict access to items

Exponential backoff

Consumed throughput being well below the Provisioned throughput.

Primary Key and Composite Key

Global Secondary Index question

GSI or LSI based question

GSI and Write Capacity Units

Finally a DAX question

Given WCU choose a suitable RCU

TTL on items

TTL question

GetItem, PutItem, UpdateItem

Crazy question

Conditional Writes

Batch Get Items reads n number of items at a time

DynamoDB Streams to track modifications

Give access to only 1 TABLE

AWS Managed policy vs Customer Manager policy

Give access to only few rows based on primary key

Calculate the number of RCU and WCUs

RCU and WCUs again

RCU finally nailed it

How to avoid ProvisionedThroughputError?