AWS Lambda and API gateway questions


lambda authorizer

mapping template

Periodically invoke a Lambda function

Lambda Concurrency

Lambda Concurrency again

Lambda Concurrency over sequential or batch

Lambda /tmp

Lambda Retries

Async Response code 202

You allocate memory Lambda will allocate CPU

Lambda is Serverless so you can’t choose the instance type. Only allocate memory and let the service decide the rest.

What to Zip and what not to Zip?

I am going live, I will give you 60 days to migrate

Use of Environment Variables

VPC endpoint and AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda and CloudFormation

Lambda add_permission for S3 to invoke the function

Lambda Rollbacks

CORS API Gateway or CORS S3

Invocation type Event for Asynchronous

Lambds and SNS together

Security Questions

Usage Plans and CreateUsagePlanKey API

A usage plan specifies who can access one or more deployed API stages and methods—and also how much and how fast they can access them.

Enabling encryption on S3 bucket does not enforce it

Minimum Permissions to send logs to CloudWatch

New Concepts

Event Source Mappings

Cache Control while requesting